Circuito Chico Adventures

Bike Rental – Deluxe

Bikes 27.5″ y 29″ are top of the line bikes, apt for cyclists with some experience. The length of the wheel makes the pedaling more effective, as it covers a longer distance with less effort.

Frames available for cyclists from 160 cm to 210 cm height.

These bikes have front suspension with lockout, hydraulic disk brakes, 27 gears, air pump and lock.

Includes helmet (of mandatory use), map, and explanations of everything there is to see and do around Circuito Chico.

Equipment NOT SUITABLE for downhill mountain biking

Recomended Itinerary

This self-guided tour begins at the entrance to Circuito Chico, at kilometer 18 of Bustillo Av, where our store is located. Circuito Chico is a 27km (17 mi) loop along a route with many ups, downs and curves, and it can be easily cycled in about 4h. –relaxed-. Highlights of the tour are the two bridges with beautiful views toward the lakes, the renowned Panoramic Point, López Bay, Pañuelo Port, Llao Llao and the San Eduardo Chapel, and finally ending back at our store.
Optionally, there are two dirt road detours: the first one goes to the historical town of Colonia Suiza (adding 6km -4 mi- and 1 h to the tour), where on Wednesdays and Sundays you can enjoy Curanto –a traditional kind of stew cooked underground- and other gastronomic offers, as well as an outdoor artisan craft market. The second detour takes you to Villa Tacul (adding 3km -2mi- and 1h to the tour), which is a picnic area with some arrayán trees.